Bicycle Map for Cleveland Heights and University Heights

 Think like a cyclist, not a motorist

Riding a bike on car dominated streets like Cedar or Mayfield can be annoying and dangerous for cyclists. Being able to avoid busy streets and instead ride through the beautiful neighborhood side-streets makes cycling more enjoyable and safe. We hope you’ll find the newly created Cleveland Heights and University Heights Bicycle Map to be an important and irreplaceable resource for your riding experience. It is downloadable here.

Local Bike Map 2011 (pdf, 403 KB)

How to use this map

Look for bike routes that take you to your destination. When planning to use your bike for transportation, do not assume that you will use the same route for your bike trips that you would use for your car trips. Bike routes are less direct and more scenic. This map assists you to find the routes through Cleveland Heights and University Heights that fit your skills. It also helps to remember some important safety concerns:

  • Same Road, Same Rules: according to the Ohio Revised Code, bicycles are considered vehicles and for the most part must adhere to the same laws as motor vehicles.
  • When riding in a narrow lane, stay far enough away from the right edge to discourage vehicles from passing dangerously close in the same lane.
  • When riding past parked cars, stay wide of the door zone to prevent being hit by a car door.Be aware of challenging road surfaces, especially water, potholes and sand, that are hazardous when turning.
  • Be predictable, do not weave in/out and in general try not to surprise drivers. Always signal.
  • Use a light when driving at night. It is required by community ordinance.


About the map

The core of this map information came from the Northeast Ohio Areawide coordinating Agency (NOACA) Cuyahoga County Bicycle Transportation Map. NOACA generously gave the Cleveland Heights Bicycle Coalition the map file and a subcommittee of the CHBC added more detail to the map to create a Cleveland Heights-University Heights Bicycle Transportation Map. The CHBC wishes to thank NOACA for their leadership in bicycle transportation planning and for the use of the map file. Thank you also to April Hirsch for preparing the map and to Sustainable Heights Network for their support, encouragement and the financial contribution to have this map printed. Furthermore, the No Impact Week 2011 was the catalyst for the creation of the map.

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  1. Tom says:

    Did anyone notice that the map doesn’t indicate the hill on Mayfield?

  2. Jim Miller says:

    The main beginner’s level street missing (as it is missing on the NOACA bike map) is Cottage Grove south from Cedar, past Meadowbrook, to Kensington, jogging to Stratford, and then south to Fairmount on Stratford, and really to North Park. This is a significant north-south route in Cleveland Hts., quite safe. I am rarely riding on Stratford, when I don’t encounter at least one other person on a bike. The road north from Cedar on Cottage Grove is shown as a route. North-south routes in Cleveland Hts. are hard to come by, so this omission is a serious gap – one mile’s worth – in the map.