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Contact Your State Rep for Safer Cycling

Support safer streets for Ohio bicyclists by asking your State Representative to pass HB 145, which includes two provisions to help Ohio bicyclists. 1. Ohio law already requires  that motorists pass bicyclists leaving a safe passing distance. HB 145 sets the safe passing distance as “not less than 3 feet”. Over twenty states already have a […]

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Try Out the New Bike Racks

Generous donations from six HBC donors will add five more bike racks to the dozens that the City of Cleveland Heights has already installed. Share on Facebook

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Donate A Bike Rack in Cleveland Heights – A Pilot Program

Increase public bike parking! Sponsor or dedicate a Bike Rack through Heights Bicycle Coalition and Metro Metal Works! Heights Bicycle Coalition is proud to announce it’s pilot program “Donate a Bike Rack”. Through our collaboration with Metro Metal Works we can offer you the opportunity to donate a bike rack for Cleveland Heights in six […]

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Cleveland Heights Zoning Amendments Include Bicycle Parking Spaces

Cleveland Heights is nearing the end of a two-year project to update its Zoning Code to reflect sustainability considerations.  The process to adopt the amendments to the Zoning Code affords residents three opportunities to provide comments.  Bicyclists living in Cleveland Heights should take advantage of the public comment opportunities if they want to improve any […]

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Camiros: Bicycle Parking Zoning Laws

Earlier this year, the city of Cleveland Heights hired the Chicago consulting firm Camiros to review how our zoning laws could be “greener.” Whether it’s to allow chicken coops on residential property, or to reduce the amount of asphalt at Severance Town Center, there are a number of things Cleveland Heights could do to become more environmentally sustainable. […]

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Effectiveness of Sharrows

Michael Lehto at The Boondock Blogs offers a valuable critique of Cleveland Heights’ new sharrows. He writes, I’m conflicted about the sharrow. I like what it represents: a community trying to do more for cyclists. But does it really communicate a message any differently than the old signage? Will I be safer now that this […]

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Green City Blue Lake

Mark Lefkowitz at offers an interesting critique of the Coalition, detailing how our organization has had success in improving bicycle infrastructure in Cleveland Heights. He writes, How has the coalition proven so adept at moving the dial when bike commuters have been calling for improvements for years? Our observation of what is being done […]

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Bicycle Sharrows in Cleveland Heights

This Thursday, Cleveland Heights received its first bicycle sharrows. These “shared lane markings,” most commonly known as sharrows, help cyclists and motorists cooperatively use the road. Although found in many cities across the US, and used internationally in Australia and the United Kingdom, sharrows are a new sight to Cleveland’s east side. Read our “frequently […]

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Sharrows Project

Over the last two months, the CHBC has been collaborating with the Cleveland Heights city manager and planner, as well as University Circle Incorporated (UCI), to finalize a strategy to make Cleveland Heights more bicycle friendly. Below, you’ll find two maps that we’ve been using. The Cleveland Heights Sharrows Project As we’ve been publicizing, five […]

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