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Related to HBC’s Enforcement Campaign, including: Targeted Enforcement, Helmet Laws, Three-foot Passing Laws, Yield-on-red Laws, Auto Right-turn Laws and the Bicycle Police Division.

Wear a Helmet When Bicycling!

The evidence is clear:  wearing a helmet can save your life or may prevent serious head injury in the event of an accident when you are riding a bike.  Here are the facts: Share on Facebook

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Cleveland Heights Zoning Amendments Include Bicycle Parking Spaces

Cleveland Heights is nearing the end of a two-year project to update its Zoning Code to reflect sustainability considerations.  The process to adopt the amendments to the Zoning Code affords residents three opportunities to provide comments.  Bicyclists living in Cleveland Heights should take advantage of the public comment opportunities if they want to improve any […]

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Camiros: Bicycle Parking Zoning Laws

Earlier this year, the city of Cleveland Heights hired the Chicago consulting firm Camiros to review how our zoning laws could be “greener.” Whether it’s to allow chicken coops on residential property, or to reduce the amount of asphalt at Severance Town Center, there are a number of things Cleveland Heights could do to become more environmentally sustainable. […]

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