Evaluation and Planning


Measuring Cycling Frequency

According to the 2010 journey-to-work data for Cleveland Heights using the American FactFinder website, 1.04% of Cleveland Heights commuted by bicycle to work. About a third of these are women. In contrast, 5.75% of commuters walked, and 6.14% used transit. We would like to increase bicycle commuting to more than 3% to qualify as a silver-level Bicycle Friendly Community. It’s already happening!  Years of traffic counts by the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency have shown that the intersection of Edgehill and Overlook Roads in Cleveland Heights usually ranks as the most heavily traveled bicycle route in Northeast Ohio.  The most recent count in 2014 showed a 20% increase in bicycling via the Edgehill-Overlook route.

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Crash and Fatality Rates

In our fall of 2013 application to the League of American Bicyclists for the City of Cleveland Heights to be recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community, we stated that 38 cyclists had been involved in a crash involving a motor vehicle in the past five years. None of these crashes was fatal. The 2014 School Travel Plan for the City of Cleveland Heights has more extensive Crash and Fatality data for the five schools in the plan (Canterbury Elementary, Hebrew Academy, Monticello Middle, Oxford Elementary and Roxboro Elementary); again, there were no fatalities involving bicyclists.

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