Bicycle Month

The Cleveland Heights City Council announced May as Bike Month in 2010 and has continued since. Shaker Heights has now joined Cleveland Heights in declaring May bike month.

Timeline: Ongoing
: High

Bike to Work Week

Bike to Work Week is a national initiative sponsored by the League of American Bicyclists and occurs  in mid-May. Cleveland Heights residents are encouraged to use their bike rather than their car during Bike to Work Week. Bike to Work Day is celebrated on the last day of Bike to Work Week with free coffee and pastries at the intersection of Edgehill and Overlook and other locations in the Cleveland area.

Timeline: Ongoing
: High

Community Bike Rides

Community bike rides are an excellent way to foster a strong cycling community, educate cyclists and motorists, and have a good time. HBC supports this through our bi-weekly (summers only) Free Wheelin’ Wednesdays.

Timeline: Seasonal
: Moderate

Safe Routes to Schools

Heights Bicycle Coalition has been working with local schools to help encourage students to bike rather than be escorted by car. In 2014 HBC was awarded grants for non-infrastructure and infrastructure improvements.

Timeline: Ongoing
: High
Safe Routes to Schools Website

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