Improving bicycle infrastructure is a massive project that requires a community working together for a common goal. Below is an evolving list of campaigns the Coalition is either working on, or could use your help with completing. If you’d like to assist with the management of some of these campaigns, please contact us.

Please visit our campaign survey page to give your feedback on what projects take priority for you. If you have any questions on specific campaigns, please visit our campaign category pages to learn more.

Heights Bicycle Coalition Campaigns:

I. Engineering

II. Education

III. Encouragement

IV. Enforcement

V. Evaluation and Planning

VI. Campaign Survey


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  1. lustywrench says:

    There are many year-round riders in Cleveland Heights. A lot of our neighbors think we may be a bit nuts, but they are curious as to how we do it. Perhaps an Ice-Riders sub-forum under the “encouragement” section might help with some of those questions.

    My own contribution: I use the winter skiwear I used as a National Ski Patroller for many years. Along with my lined, uninsulated full side zip pants and a similar wind/rain shell, I use a ski helmet and goggles, adding a thin balaclava on the worst days. My neoprene “lobster claw” mittens help keep me warm and dry, just like my booties. Of course the headlight and taillight are on in flashing mode whenever I ride in the hopes of being seen.

    My current tires are narrow high-pressure street tires, though I have tried some with deep sipes and grooves (with no apparent real difference.)

  2. John McLeod says:

    I would like to see a campaign that is dedicated to the cleaning of streets, mainly broken glass. What good is a bike lane when it’s covered with glass.

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